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Yallavoice.com is the first-ever voice portal providing speech enabled applications for individuals in the Middle East. Yallavoice.com has been developed and published by SpeechWorkers technologies based in Cairo, Egypt since 2004 as a software house focus on speech technologies development for corporate and individuals

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It's amazing that you have a program to making translation to many language and you can hear it by own accent And the wonderful thing that you can save this translated sentences to use it again It's important that you can open your SMS and translate the words inside With the saved templates at the program you can use it at many situations (travelling, Tourism, transportation, sport…) and you can have it by many languages you need and you won't feel lonely or strange at any country you visit With this small program and how easy to use you can have fun in travelling without carrying any special machine for translation.

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Main Features

  • Start menu: easy to start and navigate.
  • Translator engine: high accuracy of Microsoft translator engine
  • Input text: easy to insert text that you want to translate it in 4 ways
  • Incoming SMS: translate and listen incoming sms
  • Text Files: translate word document or any text file that be stored in your pocket
  • Free input: text field to allow you to input any text you want to translate it
  • Templates: it contains lot of famous templates and you can use it when you travel abroad and make your own templates, update those templates from YallaVoice website which the part related to the program like XML
  • Listen:enjoy by listening to translated text with clear human voice, this program support 22 language
  • Translation: when you got translated text you can use it to send SMS or MMS to your friends or save it in you pocket
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